BREAKING NEWS : The latest EP of music by Richard Pantcheff was released for downloading on 12th February 2021 by the internationally-acclaimed CD label Orchid Classics. It is a wonderful performance of African-Caribbean Elegy, a work comprising three part-songs for unaccompanied choir. Go to ‘Links’ below for more details, and how to pre-order your copy.

Richard Pantcheff is internationally renowned as one of the finest contemporary composers of Choral, Organ, Chamber and Instrumental music. He is resident in Oxford, England, where he specialises in composing and choral conducting. From 2012-2019 he was Director of Music at St. George’s Anglican Church, Johannesburg, South Africa, where he remains as Composer in Residence. He is a Patron of the London Festival of Contemporary Church Music, and Founder-Director of the Akorina Consort, a new choir comprising young professional singers in London.

All of his music has been published, and features regularly in major international music festivals, as well as in concerts, recitals, and church services worldwide.

There are currently thirteen commercially-released CDs and EPs in the catalogue featuring his music, with several more awaiting release.

His music is commissioned and performed by the leading musicians in their field, such as David Hill, Stephen Layton, Jane Parker-Smith, John Scott, Grayston Ives, Clive Driskill-Smith, Zanta Hofmeyr, Miro Chakaryan, Iain Farrington, and the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra, amongst many others.

His compositions are performed and broadcast all over the world, and have received wide acclaim from performers, critics, and audiences for their originality, technical brilliance, and emotional power:

“The admired composer and conductor, Richard Pantcheff….”

“An ecstatic articulation of the words, the latter of which giving the impression the singers are caught up in the quietest of raptures. It certainly is one of the more unusual and beautiful Christmas choral works that I have heard in a long time, yielding more and more on subsequent listening”.

“…Richard Pantcheff’s haunting and deeply atmospheric ‘A Christmas Carol’, in which slow, sustained vocal lines waft elusively over an other-worldly organ accompaniment. No boisterous bells, no chirpy chanting, no delightful ditties, but an intense reflection on the miracle of the Christmas story, as related in Swinburne’s text”.

“Probably the best (piece on the CD) is Richard Pantcheff’s Christmas Carol….”

“The style is interesting and approachable…”

“…an articulate compositional voice…”

“…exquisitely rewarding…”

“…totally pleasing to the ear…”

“…a renowned composer with an established reputation…”

“…Pantcheff’s style is basically tonal, but has a wonderful turn of melodic phrase, by using expressionist dissonance…”

“…one of the UK’s foremost composers…”

This recital deserves to be heard for Pantcheff’s setting…”


“…a fine new piece…”

“The overall feeling is sharp and spiky, modulated by a good feel for texture…”

“…full of lyricism, passion, and energy…”


“It is with the Five Elizabethan Lyrics by Richard Pantcheff that the programme takes a leap upwards…”

“Pantcheff’s dynamic musical setting, with its vivid contrasts of harmonic colour, reflects in turn the excitement and the glory of the dawning of the new age…”

“…a searching, gritty, dialogue between the two instruments…”

“There are many memorable touches…”

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