The vast majority of Richard Pantcheff’s works have been published, and are available by ordering online, or from music retailers.

Details of each work published, and the respective publisher, can be found below, in Opus number order. More information about each work can be found in the Catalogue Section of this website.

If you encounter any difficulty at all in ordering works from the publisher, or from your music retailer, please contact Richard Pantcheff at for assistance.


A :

The following works (by Opus number) have been published by MusicaNeo. Their contact details are :

MusicaNeo, Rothausstrasse 1, Kreuzlingen, 8280 Switzerland.


Adam Lay Ybounden (1)

Sonata for Violoncello and Piano (2)

String Quartet (3)

Psalm Prelude (4)

Advent Chorale – ‘Redemptor Mundi’ (5)

Evening Canticles – ‘Whitchurch’ (7)

Turn again then unto thy rest (8)

Responses – ‘Whitchurch’ (9)

Evening Hymn (10)

Evening Canticles – ‘Alderney’ (12)

Advent Antiphon (13)

Hymn to the Virgin (14)

Puer Nobis (Unto us a Child is born) (15)

Responses – ‘Frankfurt’ (18)

Litany to the Holy Spirit (19)

Veni Sancte Spiritus (21)

Evening Canticles – ‘Frankfurt’ (23)

Five Hymn Arrangements (two of the five : ‘Cwm Rhondda’; and ‘Angel Voices’) (24)

Twelve Short Interludes for Organ (25)

What shall we offer thee ? (26)

What child is this ? (28)

The Lord’s Prayer (29)

Three Christmas Carols (31)

Spirit of Mercy (33) and Palms of Glory (33)

King Henry VIII’s Apologia (35)

Twelve New Hymns (Volume 1 – Numbers 1-9; Volume 2 – Numbers 10-12) (36)

Evening Canticles – ‘Aedes Christi’ (37)

Laudem Dicite (38)

Creator of the starry height (48)

Te Deum – ‘Aedis Christi’ (49)

Five Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins (51)

Evening Canticles – ‘St. Pauls’ (53)

Phos Hilaron (55)

On Hearing the Oxford Bells at Eventide (57)

Nocturne, for Contrabassoon and Orchestra (58)

For lo, the days come (59)

The Covenant (60)

Three Short Anthems (63)

Come, my beloved (64)

Sonata for Viola and Piano (‘Chorale Sonata’) (65)

Remember, O Lord (from 66)

Sonata for Organ (67)

Two short anthems for lower voices (68)

Sonata for Bassoon and Piano (69)

Suite for Organ (72)

Diptych for Derek Cooper (73)

Prelude and Fugue : ‘The Phoenix of Johannesburg’ (75)

Bless thou the Lord, O my soul (76)

Mass for St. Peter (77)

Rondo South Africa (from 78)

Advent Responsory (79)

A Prayer of St. Columba (80)

The Sun’s Arising (81)

Fantasias for Organ : Fantasia 150 and Fantasia on ‘Haec Dies’ (82)

Missa Brevis (83) (in English and Latin versions)

Sequence for St. George (84)

Music for Morning and Evening Anglican Services (85)

Four Poems of Stephen Crane (86)

Passacaglia on a theme of Benjamin Britten (87)

The ‘Swinburne Anthems’ (I-V) (88)

Ihubo Ikhulu and Zulu Psalm 100 (89)

Nocturnus  I-VI (90)

Five Anthems (91)

Service of Holy Communion, and Missa in Simplicitate (92)

Twelve Anglo-Saxon Sentences (93)

Trio Sonata No.1 for Organ (95)

Missa Brevis – ‘St. Pancras’ (96)

Introduction and Allegro (for Solo Violin and Solo Violoncello) (97)

Responses – ‘St. Cyprian’ (98)

Evening Canticles – ‘Berlin’; and Responses – ‘Berlin’ (100)

Mass of Christ the Redeemer (101)



The following works (by Opus Number) have been published by Kevin Mayhew Ltd. Their contact details are :

Kevin Mayhew Ltd, Rattlesden, Stowmarket, Suffolk, IP14 3BW, United Kingdom. Tel 0044-(0)845-3881634.

Drop thy still dews (11)

Hymn to the Virgin (14)

Four Communion Pieces for Organ (16)

Five Hymn Arrangements (three of the five : ‘Winchester Old’; ‘Cranston’; ‘Leoni’) (24)

Four Pieces for Organ, Set 1 (27)

Two Christmas Pieces for Organ (32)

Four Hymn Preludes for Organ (34)

Four Hymn Preludes for Organ, Set 2 (39)

Two short pieces for organ (40)

Agnus Dei (41)

Palm Sunday Processional (42)

A Christmas Fugue (43)

Two Organ pieces for Passiontide and Easter (44)

Four Short Liturgical Interludes (45)

Three Hymn Preludes for Organ (52)


C :

The following works (by Opus Number) have been published by English Music Publishing;

Their contact details are as follows :


Sonata for Violin and Organ (74)

Suite : ‘King Richard III’ (94)


The very few unpublished other works, not listed above, can be obtained direct from the composer, on :